This Blog Moved

It’s hard to choose which blog site to use! I really like the look of WordPress and some of the features are cool, but II find that is easier in use and is used by more people. So I have created a new blog where I will feature a different belly dance video clip daily. If you want your clip to be posted to the blog, send me a message 🙂

The Video Clip List is Back!

I have managed to retrieve the video clip list from my old site (btw that site, Bellydancenet, is not longer available), to see the list, go to the navigation bar on the left and click ‘Belly Dance Video Clips’ under ‘pages’.

I would recomment to also have a look at this site for video clips (fresh new ones are posted daily!):

Our first gig

We had our first gig (Mojo Rising, see the previous post for more info) this Saturday! We had great weather, just perfect, not too warm not too cold. At first it looked like it was going to rain and we feared the worst, but guess what? It started raining just after the gig was finished!

We got lots of people asking what music we were playing and that they really liked it 🙂

I was supposed to film the gig and take many pictures, but I was too busy! There is more work involved then you’d expect 🙂


Busy with exiting new project!

My life has taken a new direction: my partner and I have started organizing events. Our first gig will be the 1st of december at The Buddha bar.

This is the poster I designed for the gig:


To see the full version of the poster, click here

Blog instead of web site

I got tired of having a web site, so I decided to go for a blog instead for the time being. I might switch back to having a site, but not in the same format as it was though.

For people who are wondering what happened to Bellydancenet, well that was just to much work to keep going. I will post some belly dance articles here, but it won’t be as many as I had on Bellydancenet. If you’d like to find more articles or more info on belly dance I’d refer to

As for the people who are looking for the video clip list. I will soon post it here, but not that it has not been updated for a while and will have many broken links.