Belly Dance Video Clip List

I have managed to retrieve the video clip list from my old site (btw that site, Bellydancenet, is not longer available)

If you like to have a link to your video clips, or if you find a broken link please let us know. The video in red are recommended. Because this list is very big, I was not able to watch all of the clips, so if you would like a video clip to be recommended, let us know.

Some of the links might be broken. Since I do not have the time to check the list regularly I would appreaciate it if you report broken links. You can do that by posting in the comment box below the page 😀

I have categorized clips in different sections for easier viewings. Unfortunately this website is not too happy with HTML that is why the list does not look the best

Cabaret Style Belly Dance

 15 pages of Russian dancers


Adira (CA, USA)

Adishakti (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Adry Svraka (CA, USA)

Adryanna video 1

Adryanna video 2

Adryanna Shamsa (Norway)


Aleia clip 1 (CA, USA)

Aleia clip 2 (CA, USA)

Aleia video clip 3

Alexia (NJ, USA)


Alija Kurbanova video 1 (Russia)

Aliya(Russia) (the dancer in green)

Aliyah Abir

Alyona Geltova

Amana (France)

Amani I (Lebanon)

Amani II (Russia)

Amani II video 1 (Russia)

Amani II video 2 (Russia)

Amara (LA, CA, USA)


Amira I (GA, USA)

Amira II

Amira Mor video clip 1(NJ, USA, originally from Israel)

Amira Mor video clip 2 (NJ, USA, originally from Israel)

Amira Za’id (FL) (scroll down)


Ana Saeeda (Spain)

Anahata (CA, USA)

Andrea (CA. USA)

Anita Iversen (with pregant dancer)

Ansuya (FL, USA) (scroll down)

Anwar al Sahaara (CA, USA)

Anxunamun (Germany)


Artemis video 1

Artemis video 2

Ashara (Virginia, USA)

Atea (USA)

Atheena (CA, USA)

Atlantis (LA, CA, USA)

Authentic Belly Dancing Academy video 1

Authentic Belly Dance Acadamy video 2(Dallas, USA)

Autumn Ward video clip 1 (NY, USA) Autumn Ward video clip 2 (NY, USA) Autumn Ward video clip 3 (NY, USA)

Aya video 1 (U.S.A.)

Aya video 2 (U.S.A.)

Ayascha (Germany)

Aziza I video clip 1 (Canada)

Aziza I video clip 2 (Canada)

Aziza II

Aziza Sa’id video clip 1 (CA, USA)

Aziza Said video clip 2 (CA, USA)

Bahaia (Austin, TX, USA)

Barbara Stolyarov (Russia)

Bedriyyah and Cyra (USA)

Belinda Ahzaar (Australia)

Belinda Webster

Bella Donna dancers (TX, USA)

Belly Dance Arabesque

Belly Dance Colorado 30 clips tribal and cabaret

Belly Dance Super Stars clip1 (USA)Belly Dance Super Stars clip 2 (USA)

Belly Dance Super Stars clip 3 (USA)

Belly Dance Super Stars TV Clip (USA)

Belly Dance Television (NY, USA)

Belly Dancers at Cashbah Teahouse

Bellyqueen video clips 1 (NY, USA)Bellyqueen video clips 2 (NY, USA)Bellyqueen video clips 3(NY, USA)

Beth (GA, USA)


Careesa (CT, USA)

Chelsia (IL, USA)

Charlie’s Angels

Charlotte (South Africa)

Christine Kipfer (Switserland)


Club Rakkasah (Australia)

Collection of cabaret clips

College of Charleston Belly Dance Club (USA)

Dahar (Germany)

Dahlia (USA)

Daria (Australia)

Dancing at a party (The Netherlands)

Darshan (USA)

DaVid Of Scandinavia (Norway)

Dawn O’Brien video 2 (UK) Dawn O’Brien video 3(UK)

Delila (Czechia)

Delilah (WA, USA)

Della (Nebraska, USA)

Desert Roses (not to confuse with the other Desert Roses)

Dilek (CA, USA)   

Dina and Others Desdemona  (USA)Djamila (Germany)

Dolphina (click on DVD pictures to see the clips) (CA, USA)

Dondi (CA, USA)

Doris (Germany)

Dorit (NY, USA)

Doryanna video clip 1 (NY, USA)

Doryanna video clip 2

Egyptian Nights

Elayna (CA, USA)

Elina Kilinkarova (Russia)

El Ghawazi (France)

El Hayet (France)

Elizabet Moro (Brasil)

Ekaterina Polikarpova (Russia)

Emira (Poland)

Enheduanna (CA, USA)

Estara (CA)

Eva Loune

Evgeniya Valova (Russia)

Evitta (The Netherlands)

Evitta video 2 (The Netherlands)

Evitta video 3 (The Netherlands)

Fanyda (France)


Fathiem (LA, CA, USA)

Fatina (MI, USA)

Fifi Abdo clip 1 (Egypt)Fifi Abdo clip 2 (Egypt) Flames of Passion (UK)

Gamila El Masri

Giselle Kenj (Brasil)

Global Remix

Goblet of peace, Saint Petersburg (Russia) recommended

Gul (Israel)

Hadia (Canada) scroll down

Hanan I scroll down (Miami, USA)

Hanan II (FL, USA)

Hannan I (Canada)

Hannan II (Ontario, USA) cabaret, recommended


Humayra (Germany)

Ilil (Israel)

Ilham I (Morocco)

Ilham II


Irina Popov video 1(Russia)

Irina Popov video 2(Russia)

Irisi (Australia)

Isa Hassam (Chile) go to ‘multim’

Ishara and Pangea Dance video clips 1 (IL, USA)

Ishara and Pangea Dance video clips 2 (IL, USA)

Ishtar (The Netherlands)

Isis Amar (NY, USA)

Isis Dancers

Jamileh (LA, USA)

Jane Jardines (Australia) cabaret

Jane Ruth (Denmark)


Jayna under construction

Jaiya’s Student Night

Jenevieve (LA, USA)

JennaJewels of the Nile and Desert RosesJillina & Sahlala Dancers (CA, USA)Jonina (The Netherlands) Josy Zareen and troupe (ICE) Johara (MA, USA)Julia Kaydash (Russia) Judeen video clips 1 (CA, USA) Judeen video clip 2 (CA, USA) Juliette

Kosher Goddess dancers (CA, USA)

Kelly (Louisville, KY, USA)Lenita Björk (Sweden) Kanari (NY,USA) Katya Faris video clips1 (Indiana, U.SKatya Faris video clips 2 (Indiana, U.S) scroll downKhalida video 1 (Germany) Khalida video 2 (Germany)Khalida and other dancers (Germany)Karayilan (Germany)Kha’ra video clips 1(Australia)Kha’ra video clips 2(Australia)Karen & Jeff Khadejah (Germany)Khalida and troupe (Germany)Lady BarbaraLeatana video clip 1 (TheNetherlands) scroll down, recomendedLaetana video clip 2 (TheNetherlands) recomendedLaura I (NY, USA) Laura II video clip 1 Laura II video clip 2

Layla Taj (NY, USA)

Lebanese dancerLeilainia (CA, USA) Lena

Lenita (Sweden)

Lily (UK) Lilla (CA, USA) Lisa Gamal (USA)

Lisa Mandin (WA,USA)

List of 190 clips of different dancers (Dina, Aziza) recommended

Little Genies

Lynette (CA, USA)

Lizette (Austin TX, USA) Lucia (scroll down)

Lucy (Washington DC, USA)

Lucie Gingras (Québec)

Lulu Sabongi (Brasil)

Luna Gitana Belly Dance Festifal with pregnant dance


Madam Hellen and others (NL) Mahasti video clip 2 (Hungary) scroll down, very long loading time

Magdy El-Leisy (Germany)

Magical Motion (USA)Mara (UK)

Marie Luise Fehn (Germany)

Marina Darowish (CA, U.S.A)Marina Oganyan (Russia) Marina Oganyan (Russia)Mariya Shashkova (Russia)

Margarita (wait to load, and go to ‘start ilm’) (The Netherlands)

Magical Motion (USA)Maya Karraso video 1Maya Karraso video 2

Marianne Smirnova video 1 (Russia)

Marianne Smirnova video 2 (Russia)Mariyah (NY. USA)Mary (CA,


Mariyah (NY. USA)

Mary Shashkova video 1 (Russia)

Mary Shashkova video 2 (Russia)

Medina (Germany)MeeraMeissoun video clip 1 Meissoun video clip 2 (Switzerland)

Melantha (AUS)


Mia Serra (UK)

Miabella and Antiqa Dance Company (USA)

Michelle Joyce (CA, USA)

Middy Marinette

Milena Skulskaya & Tatyana

Mirage Belly Dance with several dancers (USA)

Kovalyova & Filippova Elena (Russia)

Misha (Canada)

Mona (CZ)

Mustafa Roshan (Germany)Naïma Akef video clip 1 (Egypt) Naïma Akef video clip 2Egypt)

Maya I

Maya II (CAN)

Naadirah (Italy)

Nadah and troupe (Hungary)

Nadja (Sweden) cabaret

Na’illah (Germany)

Nailya Batirova (Russia)

Naima (Germany)

Naima Akef video clip 1 (Egypt)

Najia (PA,USA)

Natalia Becker video 1 (Russia)

Natalia Landar video 1 (Russia)

Natalia Landar video 3 (Russia)

Natalie Strel’chenko video clip 1 (Russia)Natalie Strel’chenko video clip 2 (the dancer in pink) (Russia)Natalie Strel’chenko video clip 3 (Russia)Natalie Strel’chenko video clip 4Russia)Natalie Strel’chenko video clip 5 (Russia)Natalie Strel’chenko video clip 6 (Russia)Natalie Strel’chenko’s students (Russia)

Nava Aharoni (Israel)

Neenah (TX, USA)


Nesimah’s troupe (Germany)

Nesmah (MD)

Neon (NY, USA)

Nour (Russia)

Nur Banu


Olga Bocharova (Russia)

Olga Runova (Russia)

Olivia Alaya

Orit Maftsir (choose english version) (Israel)

Patrisha (The Netherlands)

Pharid Nazshm (Russia)

Polina Kudryavtseva video 1 (Russia)

Polina Kudryavtseva video 2 (Russia)

Primo (Italy)

Rachel George (USA)

Rahana (scroll down)

Rak On (USA) scroll down

Raks Sahara (DC, USA)

Ramona Otto (Germany)

Rania (CA, USA)

Raniya (The Netherlands)

Raquel (Rio, Brasil)

Rebecca (Canada)

Roxzana (AZ, USA)

Sabiba video 1 (CA, USA)
Sabiba video’s 2 (CA, USA)

Sabiba video’s 3 (CA, USA)

Sabiba video’s 4 (CA, USA)

Sabiba video clip 5(CA, USA)

Sadie (CO, USA)

Safira Zeki and students (Wichita, USA)

Sahara Silk


Saida Deniz (Germany)

Salima (Germany)

Salome (OR, USA)

Samir video clip 1

Samir video clip 2

Samira Shuruk clip 1 (VA, USA) Samira Shuruk clip 2 (VA, USA) (bellydancing is in the middle of clip)

Samya Gamal (Egypt)

Salua Nanni, Cesare Vangeli (Italy)

Sandra ISandra II video 1 (CA, USA)Sandra II video 1 (CA, USA)Sandra II video3(CA, USA)

Sandrina (British Columbia)


Satin Rouge (clip from Tunesian movie)

Scheherazade (Germany)

Serena Dancers (USA)

Seyyide (MA)

Shadia (CZ)




Shanna (CA, USA)

Sha-ri (Germany)

Shishkina Galina video 2 (Russia)

Shiva and Suraiya (Sydney, Australia)

Shuvani*(DC, USA)

Sibel Nefa video 1 (Germany)

Sibel Nefa video 2 (Germany)

Sibel Nefa video 3 (Germany)Sibel Nefa clips (Germany) recommended

Silvia Büeler (Switzerland)

Silvia Contini, Ilaria Morici and Irene

Siri Ydstie video 1 (Norway)

Silvia Contini, Ilaria Morici, Irene Primo video 2 (Italy)

Sirocco du Sérail (CAN)

Siw Øksnes (Norway)

Soad Hosny video clip 1(Egypt)

Soad Hosny video clip 2 (Egypt)

Sonya (Germany) go to muic & video

Sonya and Abi (Germany)

Soraya I (NJ, USA)

Soraya II video 1 (CAN)

Soraya III (Germany)

Soraya IV video clip 1

Soraya IV video clip 2

Susanne Mortensen (Denmark)

Suzy (USA) Oriental Dance (with Amani (Libanon), Dina (Egypt), Aziza Sa’id (CA, USA), Venus (Canada))

Tahiya Carioca(Egypt)

Tahiya (CA, USA)

Tamalyn Dallal (FL, USA)

Tamra Henna (TX, USA)

Tanja Ahmed (Germany)


Tatiana Rosenthal (Russia)

Tears of Aset Dancers (VA, USA)

Troupe Amani (Tampa, Florida, USA)

Troupe Khalida

The Roulettes video 1 (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

The Roulettes video 2 (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

The Tree Sisters (CA)

Thomas (Berlin, Germany)

Tina Lykke

Tsikki (NV, USA)

Turbo Tabla (with Meiver, right and

Nina, left)(CA, USA)

Samia Gamal (Egypt)

Unidentified dancer 1

Unidentified dancer 2

Unidentified dancer 3 (Turkey)

Unidentified dancer 5 (Marrakech,Morocco)

Unidentified dancer 4 (Belgium)

Unidentified dancer 5

Unidentified dancer 6 (USA)

Unidentified dancer 7

Unidentified dancer 8

Unidentified dancer 9

Unidentified dancer 10

Unidentified dancer 11

Unidentified dancer 12 (The Netherlands)

Unidentified dancer 13

Unidentified dancer 14

Unidentified dancer 15

Unidentified dancer 16

Unidentified dancer 17

Unidentified dancer 18 (Japan)

Unidentified dancer 19

Unidentified dancer 20 (Japan)

Unidentified dancer 21 (Japan)

Unidentified student troupe cabaret

Unidentified Japanese dancers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Unidentified dancers (Japan) Unidentified dancers 2 (USA)

Unidentified dancers 3 (at Excalibur Faire March 2002) (USA)

Unidentified dancers 4

Unidentified dancers 5Unidentified dancers 6Unidentified dancers 7

Unidentified dancer from Germany

Unidentified dancer from Germany 2

Unidentified dancer from Germany 3

Unknown dancer from Germany 4

Unidentified dancer from Germany

Unidentified dancer from Lebanon

Unidentified dancer from Lithuania Unidentified dancer in Dubai

Unidentified Russian dancer

Unidentified dancer with 2 stick dancers

Valentina Mahira.(Italy)

Vanessa and Christine (WA, USA)

Victoria (Houston, USA)

Victoriya (UT, USA)

Veena and Neena (CA, USA)

Veena and Neena video clip 2 (CA, USA)

Venus video clip1 (Vancouver, Canada)

Venus video clip 2 (Vancouver, Canada)

Venus II and troupe video 1 (Vancouver, Canada)

Venus II and troupe video 2 (Vancouver, Canada)

Vicki Lynn

Vilena Ermolaeva video 1 (Russia)Vilena Ermolaeva video 2 (Russia)Voula (Canada)


Wave Dancers

Wendy Buoneventura (UK)

World Dance New York (NY, USA) under construction

Yaleil (troupe of Ansuya) (FL, USA)

Yangdu Wencoco

Yasmin I

Yasmin II

Yasmin III (Texas, USA)

Yasmina of Cairo (Egypt) scroll down

Zafira Dance Troupe (USA)

Zaheea (USA)



Zari (CA, USA)

Zayna ZemraZenaida (San Diego, USA) ZeynaZ-Helene video clip 1(USA)Z-Helene video clip 2(USA)Z-Helene video clip 3(USA)

Zilla Anassi (WI, USA)

Zorba (California, USA)

Zovinar (CA, USA)

Tribal Style Belly Dance (this includes tribal fusion styles) 




Asia and Arabesque Belly Dance

Awalim(GA, USA)


Belly Groove

Beth, Sue & Kat (USA)

Black Swan Tribe (Australia)

Collection of tribal clips on Youtube

Dawn O’Brien video 1 (UK)

Dawn O’Brien video 2 (UK)Dawn O’Brien video 3 (UK)

Devyani (LA, USA)

Easter Wood’s Troupe video 1

Easter Wood’s Troupe video 2

Electro Exotica (Anahata’s Troupe)

Fat Chance Belly Dance (USA)

Frederique & Christina (CA, USA)

Ghawazee (PA, USA) this troupe no longer exists

Gypsy Caravan (Oregon, U.S.A)

Gypsy Fire (USA)

Grow in Motion

Hamsa belly dance
Heavy Hips

Hipnotic Hips (USA)
Infusion Tribal (WA,USA)

Isis (Nebraska, USA)

Jae Stevens Jennifer (USA) KhafifLaura

Lotus Moon (USA)

Lurainya Koerber

Maria Hamer (PA, USA)
Mosaic (NM, USA)
Mountain Tribal Chapter (USA)

Narah and Jala (WV, USA)

Narah bint Durr (WV, USA)

Philadelphia Tribal Bellydance (PA,USA) scroll down to last link


Rachel Brice video clip 1 (CA, US

Rachel Brice video clip 2 (CA, USA)

Rachel Brice video clip 3 (CA, USA)

Rachel Brice video clip 4 (CA, USA)

Rachel Brice and students video clip (CA, USA)

Rachel Brice video clips (CA, USA)

Rachel Brice (unclear footage)

Rachel Brice (CA, USA)

Read my Hips

Shakra video clip 1

Shakra video clip 2

Shakra dancers of the tribal grove (Washington DC, USA)

Sharon Kihara (USA)

TribalKinesis (USA)

Tribal Mystica (The Netherlands)
Tribal Rythm (TX, USA)
Tribal Style Sneak Peek

The Tribal Troopers video 1

The Tribal Troopers video 2

Tribal Style Sneak Peek

Unknown tribal dancer 1

Urban Ghawazee
Urban Gypsies
Urban Gypsy
Urban Tribal
WeiberWirbel (Switzerland)

Zafira Dance Troupe





Male Belly Dancers


DaVid Of Scandinavia (Norway) cabaret

Frank tribal

Jamil (Australia) cabaret

Mustafa Roshan (Germany) cabaret

Tarik Sultan cabaret

Thomas (Berlin, Germany) cabaret

Unidentified Male dancer 1

Unidentified Male dancer 2

Zorba (USA) male dancer, cabaret


Links with clips of different styles: 

Amana and dancers

Ayascha (Germany)Aziza Nawal (Georgia, USA) Asha*

Bambi (VA, USA)

Belly Dance Colorado 30 clips tribal and cabaret

Belly Dance Invasion 1

Belly Dance Invation 2

Dilek (San Diego, USA)



Jenna (NY, U.S.A.)


Silk Road

Sword and Scarab (NY, USA)

Unknown dancers

Urban Gypsies (troupe of Zehara) (UK)


Vintage Video Clips:

Crisse Sheridan Ella Lola, from October 7th, 1898 long loading timeHadj CheriffLoie Fuller, from 1903 long loading timeMeetaPan American ExpoPrincess Ali, from may 9th 1895 long loading timePrincess Rajah, from june3 1904 long loading timeTurkish Dance


Fusion Belly Dance: 

Bellyqueen (CA, USA) urban tribal

Cedena (USA) belly dance with ballet

Cera (SF Bay Area) experimental

L’Autre Danse (France) fusion withNorth African Dances


Linda Kitiara Romany with belly dance fusion

Mariya Mikhalyova (Russia) Pharonic

Meera Rajasthani wold fusion

Metal Goddess experimental metal

Middy Garcia and students raqs al asaya fusion

Monica Fernandez (LA, USA)

Noaem (Germany) scroll down, Romany fusion

Saida (Argentina) modern beladi

Salwa and Havva (Belgium) from left to right: flamenco oriental, cabaret,
cabaret, plume and poy

Shara (Brasil) sambali style: belly dance samba fusion

Suhaila Dance Company (CA, USA)

Suraya Hilal Dance Company (United Kingdom) hilal style

TropiCaliente (Salsa fusion)

Unknown dancer

Folkloric Dance: 

Autumn Ward (NY, USA)*

Dalia Carella (NY, USA) Saidi

El TanouRoula, Dafne, and Mayara Troups for Cultural Heritage

Gaby raqs al assaya

Galatea (USA) melaya lef

Helen Ramazanovoy and troupe (Russia) Khaleegy

Irina buyanova (Russia) raqs al assaya

Kristin Sønju & Rikka Kibsgaard Khaleegy

Mahasti (Hungary) raqs al assaya

Mari Sletten Raqs Al Assaya

Meissoun video clip 1 (Switzerland) Meleya Lef

Meissoun video clip 2(Switserland) Glass Dance

Mustafa and other dancers (Turkey)

Nellie Batyrova (Russia) meleya dress and beledi music

Nesrin (USA) saidi

Shishkina Galina (Russia) variety on Tunisian dance, Algerian

Sayed el Joker (GER) from left to right video clip: Tanoura, tamrhana, eskandarani, Tahtib or saiidi with cane, Nuba and hagallah

Shadia Dahlal (USA) raqs al assaya

Siri Ydstie, Merete Fjeldbo & Solvor raqs al assaya

Søråsen video clip 1 (Norway)

Siri Ydstie, Merete Fjeldbo & Solvor Søråsen video clip 2 (Norway)

Unidentified dancers

Unidentified Japanese dancers doing folkloric dance 1 2 3 4 5

Unidentified Turkish folk dancers


Funny Video Clips  

Amira el Amar (GER)

Baby does belly roll (The Netherlands)

Belly dancing Santa

Billy learns to belly dance

Funny clip

Jingle Bellies

Larisa Dyubkova (Russia)

Madame Baba (NL)

Natalia Landar video 2 (Russia)

Sibel Nefa (Germany)


Other kind of clips:


Animation pencil animation

Animation Belly Dancer (Japan)

Mighty Mouse cartoon


Video Clips of Drummers   

click here (from:

Randy Gloss 

Tobias Roberson

Other Styles of Belly Dance: 

Abigail (CA, USA)

Adam Basma (LA, CA, USA)

Gabriele Aigner video 1 (Germany)

Gabriele Aigner video 2 Germany)

Havva and Bassiema (Germany)

Tazina (NJ, USA)





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  1. Shara said,

    July 9, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Found you through a Google search. Was pleasantly surprised to see that you added my video to your blog. Thanks a bunch!

    Shara – Samba and Bellydance Fusion

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